Kevin Scott: Awaken The Alpha Male


Kevin Scott, Leader of the Masculine Expansion

When Kevin Bruce Scott speaks he speaks to your heart, not just to your mind. He has seen many different lives – as an artist, businessman, salesman, even a farmer! - and that helps him relate to all kinds of people.

When you listen with your whole being Kevin gives you a feeling of potential possibility in your life, something you may have forgotten you have hidden all along. He is a leader of leaders, a leader of men, an example for men of all walks of life.

Kevin is the catalyst for The Masculine Expansion, an effort to show men that they are capable of so much more in today's society. He is a relationship expert, helping men live fulfilled lives through improving their relationships at work, at home, but most importantly, with themselves.

Kevin has recently announced his new one-on-one coaching program;

h.i.m. - Becoming the man for the Alpha Femme

Connect with Kevin and learn more about this great program at
The Effortless Alpha


This week we are joined by Kevin Scott, a life coach and catalyst for the masculine expansion. Kevin provides his own unique interpretation of the Alpha Male as we explore how to balance your masculine energy in life, work and relationships.