Mark Rangell: Growth Strategy

This week we are welcoming Mark Rangell to the podcast. We discuss Mark’s four phase plan for strategic growth, and how to assess and implement it into your business workflow.

John Lee Dumas: Fire Up Your Podcast

This week we are excited to welcome John Lee Dumas, host of the Entrepreneurs On Fire Podcast. We discuss all things podcasting, as JLD provides his unique insight into how to fire up your own podcast career.

Kevin Scott: Awaken The Alpha Male

This week we are joined by Kevin Scott, a life coach and catalyst for the masculine expansion. Kevin provides his own unique interpretation of the Alpha Male as we explore how to balance your masculine energy in life, work and relationships.

Michael Marcial: The Five Figure Work Week

This week we are joined by Michael Marcial, a hugely successful business mentor and founder of the 5-Figure Workweek. Michael breaks down the mindset and practical approaches you need to take to increase your business profitability and boost your personal brand.

Ernesto Segismundo: The Psychology Of Social Media

This week we are joined by Ernesto Segismundo to discuss social media’s role in entrepreneurship and its wider effects on modern culture. Ernesto shares his unique perspective as a family therapist on online branding, self-promotion and visibility.

Building Your Brand Awareness

This week we are discussing the ways to adapt and grow your brand awareness. Whether you’re looking to grow a corporate or personal brand, follow these steps to make the most impact with your customers.


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